Have you ever thought about being a Foster Parent?
Kelford Youth Services is looking for caring, nurturing and established couples or individuals who would like the opportunity to provide a home to a child/youth for a short or long period of time.  If you believe that your family has the time, energy and heart to open your home to a child, you may make great foster parents.  To be considered as a foster parent within our agency you must be at least twenty-two (22) years of age.  Although it is not necessary to have an educational background in a Social Sciences field, foster parents must be willing to commit time to meetings, training and information sessions.  A representative of Kelford Youth Services would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about becoming a foster family.  The rewards you recieve from helping a child are priceless. 

Becoming a Foster Parent:
To be approved as a Foster Parent, all interested individuals or couples must participate in and complete an Application and Home Study process. The basic requirements are outlined below:
1. S.A.F.E. Home Study:  The Home Study process is comprised of several components.  You will be required to complete questionnaires, participate in individual and group interviews, provide referrences and consent to the various back ground checks listed below.  Sharing very personal information about yourself, your family and your family history is necessary throughout this process. Typically 4-5 meetings are required.
2. CRC/Enhanced CRC:  You and all individuals residing within your home over the age of 18, will be required to have a Criminal Referrence Check and an Enhanced Criminal Referrence Check completed by your local Police Department.
3. Medical: You will be required to have a physical completed by a physician to ensure that you are fit to provide care to a child.
4. Search: You will be asked to give consent to our agency to have a search of the files of the local Children's Aid Society completed, to review any history you and your family may have with the Child Welfare Agencies.
5. Physical Site Inspection: The Foster Care Coordinator will take a tour of your home to inform you of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services physical site requirements for foster care. 
6. Driver's Abstract: You will be asked to provide a driver's abstract completed by the Ministry of Transportation.
7. Recommendations: You will be asked to complete all recommendations outlined in your completed Home Study. ex. training  

Team Support:
At Kelford Youth Services, the foster parents and staff consider themselves to be part of a team.  We all work together to support and meet the needs of the children in our care. We provide the following services to our foster families:
1. A Foster Care Coordinator to support and supervise the foster homes;
2. 24 hour/7 day per week on call support and assistance;
3. An Orientation package;
4. Extensive written Policies and Procedures to help guide you through the process of living and working with children in care;
5. On-going monthly Foster Parent meetings and training;
6. A Resource Library full of books and DVDs to help teach and prepare you for working with children in care; and
7. Youth Workers to provide support to you and your foster children. 

All approved Foster Parents will be compensated for the expences they incure as part of the Home Study process.  Further, Foster Parents providing care to children with Kelford Youth Services receive financial support and compensation for the time and expences involved in raising a child, such as clothing, food, transportation, recreation etc.